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Caribe Groove is a local Band from Jacksonville FL created in 2017. The members are originally from different countries: Colombia, Venezuela,Republica Dominicana and Puerto Rico. The band consists of: Mariangel Rosales (bass-guitar and Lead Vocalist), Awilda Quezada, (Lead Vocalist), James Torres (Guitar), Andrés Guzmán (Drums). The band's music gets its influence from a wide variety of modern genres including: Rock, Funk, Hip-Hop, combined with traditional Latin genres including Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue, Latin Jazz, and Afro-Latin rhythms.


One of our favorite genres to perform; we stay true to some of the main sounds, relying heavily on the electric guitar, while also incorporating some latin rhythms. Some of our influences range from Carlos Santana, La Fania All Stars,  and Pink Floyd to The Rolling Stones and Manu Chao.


The most representative and contagious genre in Latin music, with a heavy influence in Pop heard around the world. Artists like: Fonsi, Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, Selena and Carlos Vives, to name a few.


This genre belongs to music icons like Marc Anthony, Celia Cruz, and Fruko y sus Tesos amongst many others.This genre will inevitably force you to move and dance to the beat of the drums!


We strive to play the best of each of these genres! Our music is influenced by a range from artist like Juan Luis Guerra &4.40, Romeo Santos and Prince Royce.

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